Global Hospitality with Airbnb


Airbnb has become the new way to travel, and I have become obsessed with exploring the site for places to stay at every corner of the globe.

The site,, allows people from all over the world to become hosts by renting out a room or their entire house, flat, condo, or boat (you name it!). Travelers looking to find a unique place to stay just have to type in their destination, and then, they can browse hundreds, sometimes thousands, of places to stay. I am guilty of scrolling through places in cities I plan to visit.

According to Business Insider, the hotel industry is feeling the sting from Airbnb and is lobbying against the company. According to the article, “10 million people have paid cheap prices to stay in homes on Airbnb, and that’s 10 million unbooked hotel rooms… Airbnb has thousands of high-end properties, often with better amenities than cookie-cutter hotel chains provide.” With that said, there is no wonder why the company has grown so much since its start in 2008. With Airbnb, you are no longer just booking a room with a hotel; you are connecting with someone across the globe. This idea proves that hospitality still exists.

Even though I have yet to travel with Airbnb, I believe this company opens many doors for travelers to explore new places and meet new faces. I have discovered hip, cheap places to stay in locations I never thought I could afford. It is comforting to read the reviews and read the bio about the host before you set out on your next adventure.


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